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Terminal services

Our terminal services encompass the unloading and forwarding of imported shipments and the loading of shipments for export, in addition to short-term storage. Fennoroad’s supervisors monitor the schedules and quality or work. Our terminals are run by qualified staff whose skills are maintained via continuous training.
In addition to conventional trailer and container loading and unloading operations, we offer trailer-to-trailer transfer services and the reorganisation of trailer loads. Customers may also collect shipments from or deliver goods to the terminals themselves. In this case, our staff can help transfer the goods. All goods that arrive for processing at a terminal are inspected and the customer is notified of any deviations. Our terminals are heated, protected against humidity and equipped with locks and surveillance cameras.
Our terminal services include additional services, such as transferring packages onto pallets or repacking shipments. When necessary, we can perform a thorough inspection of the shipment to ensure it is intact before delivering it to the recipient. We can also assist our customers in the preparation of official transport documents.
We offer short-term storage for up to a month, for example, if the customer’s export products are finished before the loading date or if goods at the terminal cannot be delivered to a recipient because of the recipient’s production schedule or limited storage capacity or for another similar reason.
For a separate fee, work can be performed at night or on Saturdays, Sundays or national holidays.