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Groupage shipments have a chargeable weight of less than 2,500 kg.

The shipments run through our terminal network and collections and deliveries are made with lorries with a tail lift.



Part-load shipments have a chargeable weight of 2,500–8,000 kg.

Whenever possible, less-than-truckload shipments are carried out without unnecessary terminal processing.

Full load

Full load shipments have a chargeable weight of more than 8,000 kg.

Typically, full load shipments are delivered to the recipient by the transport vehicle that collects them.

Terminal services

The terminal services cover the processing of the import and export units in accordance with the client’s specifications, the collection of shipments and reception services at the terminals.


One for all and all for the client

Established in 2013, Fenno Road Oy is a transport network owned by well-known Finnish transport companies. It offers transport services everywhere in Finland – all the way to the very last postcode.

Thanks to the seamless operations of our transport network, our services are extremely efficient. Our network includes 24 terminals, with the Vuosaari harbour terminal operating as the network’s main terminal from where we can deliver to all our terminals by the following day without any intermediate steps.

Fennoroad is responsible for the overall management and monitoring of the service. With their knowledge of the needs and practices of the local customers, our regional transport companies are responsible for the operations within their distribution area. The total turnover of the transport companies in our network is about 150 million euros. The transport companies have access to about 700 vehicles and they employ around 1,100 people. The total area of our terminal premises is 40,000 m².

In 2022, we delivered services to about 150 clients and delivered more than 100,000 shipments and almost 150,000 tonnes of freight.

Even though we engage in business-to-business operations, we are firm believers in communications between individuals and offer services to our customers on a person-to-person basis – we are there for you, ALL THE WAY.

Fenno Road Ltd Participates in Sustainability Efforts

The planning of a sustainability program for Fenno Road Ltd is a comprehensive process, representing a crucial step towards more sustainable and responsible business...

Maximising the delivery chain, minimising the delivery time

We offer a reliable transport option, typically delivering shipments ordered today during the following day.
By choosing Fennoroad, our customers aim to optimise their logistics solution. Because of this, first-class service with rapid deliveries to every postcode area in Finland is the cornerstone of our operations.

“Collecting it today, delivering tomorrow”

Regional on a national level

Our main terminal is situated in an excellent location at the Vuosaari Harbour in Helsinki and our transport companies’ terminals are located all over the country.

A line-haul network, managed and optimised via integrated systems, operates between our terminals daily. Orders from Fennoroad can be made using an electronic system integration or via the Fennoroad online service and shipments can be tracked online.