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How can I order haulage?

As a contract customer, your company probably has a direct data transfer connection from your system or alternatively the company has been provided with access credentials to our online haulage order system.

As a contract customer, you can use the following form on our website to place an order:

If your company has not signed a contract with us, you can place an order by sending email to, or by calling us on +358 291703880. In your order, remember to provide the collection and delivery addresses and postcodes, phone numbers for the shipper and the receiver, a precise description of the shipment (e.g.130 cm high EUR pallet), the weight of the shipment and any additional services, e.g. transport of hazardous substances, heated transport or delivery time agreed in advance.

How do I get access credentials for your system?

Contact your contact person or our sales team by email to or by phone on +358 291703888

How long will the delivery take?

The delivery schedule depends on the postcodes of the collection and distribution sites. Delivery schedules are available in our service promise at

Freight, pricing principles

The freight price is based on three factors: the postcodes of the collection and distribution site, which determine the collection and distribution zones, and the length of the inter-terminal transport. In addition, the size of the shipment determines the chargeable weight. These factors together determine the basic freight price. Instructions for determining the chargeable weight are available in the material on the determination of the freight cost and service fees: Fenno Road Oy – Determination of the shipping criteria and shipping (PDF). This material also offers information on fees for additional services.

We comply with the Regulations for the Transportation Service of Goods; the guidelines are available here: Fenno Road Oy – Regulations for the transportation service of goods (PDF)

Guidelines for the determination of the chargeable weight: Fenno Road Oy – Freight criteria and service fees (PDF)

Packing of cargo, packing instructions

General instructions for packing cargo: Fenno Road Oy – yleinen-pakkausohje_FIN.pdf

Packing instructions for door and window products: Fenno Road Oy – pakkausohje-ikkuna-ja-ovituotteille_FIN.pdf

Shipments of hazardous substances

We can transport hazardous substances as general cargo, with the exception of Class 1 explosive materials and Class 7 radioactive materials. Substances that are exempted from the explosive substance class 1.4S and radioactive substance class 7 UN 2908–2911 regulations can be shipped by our network.

When shipping hazardous substances, please bear in mind the shipper’s legal obligations to ensure safe and efficient transport.

What to do in the event of transport damage

Instructions for action in the event of transport damage: Fenno Road Oy – Instructions in case of transport damage (PDF)

Databank of laws and regulations

Road Haulage Contracts Act (lTKSL):

General Conditions of the Nordic Association of Freight Forwarders (NSAB 2015), read more on the website of the Finnish Freight Forwarding and Logistics Association at